Plastic Pipe Cutters And Tools

When plastic pipe needs to be cut cleanly and quickly, a Wheeler-Rex plastic pipe cutter is the ideal tool for the job.

Plastic pipe cutters are similar to a pair of pliers or scissors, but one side of the jaw is a sharp blade while the other side is circular, allowing the pipe to be held firmly as it is being cut. Plastic pipe cutter blades can wear out after cutting through many pipes, so Wheeler-Rex plastic pipe cutters feature an easily-changed blade design.

Wheeler-Rex offers a complete line of plastic pipe cutters and tools, from one-stroke snippers designed for soft plastic piping and tubing to professional ratchet snippers, featuring handles that can be squeezed together more easily to produce a greater force on the blade, allowing it to easily and quickly cut through more dense materials.

Depend on Wheeler-Rex for the hardest working plastic pipe tools. Period.

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