The Pipemaster

Unit consists of a cutting head with internal gears which operate the drive wheels and blade shaft. The cutter is held onto the pipe by a wide roller chain which is tensioned with a threaded take-up mechanism.

  • *Blades, Power Pak, Valve kit on the same page as accessories. Page 8 & 9.
  • PipeMaster Blades
  • Three blades for cast iron, ductile iron and steel pipes. Available with diamond or carbide tip.


  • 4624 PipeMaster 6" to 24" (150–600mm) - Shipping weight 104 lbs. (47kg)
  • 4648 PipeMaster 6" to 48" (150–1200mm) - Shipping weight 115 lbs. (52kg)
  • Maximum hydraulic requirements 6 gpm/1500 psi
  • Gearbox: Worm Drive with 80–90W gear oil required
  • Cutting speed: 3" (150mm) of surface travel per minute 1" (25mm) of diameter per minute
  • Cutting Clearance: Radial 8" (200mm); Axial 16" (400mm)
  • Blade Speed: 1200 RPM
  • Construction: Aluminum gearbox, side plated steel; bronze gears, steel roller chain, drive wheels are aluminum with urethane covering
  • Cutting 30" pipe and larger may require special instructions to complete the cut.

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